About me

Foto Elisabetta AbbondanzaWho I am: Elisabetta Abbondanza, a mother of two grown up children, poet, teacher of creative writing, a therapist.

What I did: I studied and graduated (Dr.Phil.) on German Literature, Philosophy and Art History in Munich. I raised my two children, wrote and published screenplays, poems and short stories, worked as a teacher, managed lots of things, for ex. mondoli.de … But then I decided to research the therapeutic side of writing and I successfully trained to become a Heilpraktiker for Psycotherapy in Berlin.

What I can do: I’m an expert in writing skills and services, training, development of creativity. I have a wide interest and attitude in teaching creative and therapeutic writing to people of every country and age.

What I do: I teach writing classes in primary schools and institutes of adult education and I offer therapeutic services in my own offices in Berlin and Perugia.

What I also love to do: Yoga and long walks in Umbria and Brandenburg, spend time with my family, meet new, terrible and old friends, listen to very different sorts of music, come up with new stories and write poetry, all in all to stimulate creativity and its healing powers  … and last but not least: I’m a passionate Tango dancer.