Why creative Writing?

  • To find and mantain your own writing flow.
  • To write genuinely, efficiently and fluently and to improve and develop your own writing.
  • To give space to your own imagination, sensibility and creativity.
  • To narrate yourself and to write your own biography.
  • To write texts of all kinds in a precise and concentrated fashion especially for your studies and career.

What does the literary writing coaching offer?

  • It prepares you to write what you want the way you want and inspires you.
  • A proven method to solve writer’s block.
  • An introduction to professional writing of different genres and books and further exercises and constructive feedback to find your own style and to improve.
  • Professional support of your writing up to publication.
  • Professional support in screenplaywriting for different film formats.

What do proofreading and feedback have to offer?

  • Professional reading with commentary of literary texts, texts for work and university (Essays, Bachelor and Master Thesis).
  • Constructive reflection and recommendations.
  • A proven method to solve writer’s block.
  • Support during the writing of university papers of all kinds.

What is Poesis Therapeutic Writing?

  • Support during the road to recovery and self healing.
  • A method to discover individual resources, talents and the most basic needs of our own ego and to realize them step by step.
  • A practical and natural system to clear up your own past and to actively and consciously live to your own personality and creativity.
  • More safety and enjoyment of life through the dialogue of writing on your own, to people who matter to you and your environment.
  • A starting point to reactivate forces and vitality, to leave the crises, separations and losses in your life behind you

What is the preparation and training of the teachers and therapists who work for Poiesis?

Depending on the offer:

  • Academic formation and film school in most in Germany.
  • Training and advanced training in Institutes for psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Respiratory therapy and Yoga recognized by the German government.
  • Several years of experience in teaching and therapy.
  • Ability to teach in German, English, Italian and Spanish.

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